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Hello my angels

A lot of you asked me about my outfit details which i wore a few days back on my friends baby shower.So I decided to do a small blog post on this.

Do you agree there are extremely trying times to choose the right clothes for any occasion.Meetings,job interviews ,weddings,dates and many more.Well not in my case.I was attending my beautiful friend’s baby shower.More than clothes I was going through mixed emotions.A friend with who  you laughed,joked,shared and did crazy things like nothing less than flaneurs is going to make you an aunt soon.

The most beautiful feeling in the world when your friends having a child.I could already hear the baby(my LITTLE  HEART) say”If you mess with me,you mess with my AUNT and you don’t wanna mess with her!”.lol

It was a very special day.I decided to wear my black midi skirt which i had bought months back and never had an occasion to wear it.As the weather gets a bit chilly my cozy little heart powder pink top was a perfect match with the black skirt.I completed the look with my strap heels and minimal accessories.

I was all ready to be a part of this very special day.

I hope you like my post.Please do share your thoughts on this look.

love & hugs


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What I’m wearing

top- H&M


heels- Aldo

clutch- Jimmy Choo

Pearl earrings – Dior

sunglasses- Giorgio Armani

PHOTO CREDITS- Manpreet Bir Singh Sagu