Everyone anyone these days with or without fashion penchant are falling for these latest Fad called glasses.And there are some of us who wear these for  not style but a necessity because there are some us who  are blind as bat without them and some who are semi blind like me.
If you are a girl with glasses ( and I can bet on my ‘Tom Ford ” glasses) that you’ve not been referred as “four eyes” anytime in your life.These mean people are who refer you by this name are none other than your closest friends or your annoying siblings.I know and I am sure that all you women with glasses relate to my story.
Its pure love for me when someone picks up my glasses and cleans them.My dad does this often.My dad has been the most caring person when it comes to my eyes or my glasses.
Every time  I think of the times my husband cleaned my glasses,I forget all the mean things hes done to me..Ha Ha. Please don’t laugh at me coz its an emotional thing for us spexy women
BTW i must tell you that my hubby tells me often that he fell in love with me because I was a SPEXY( specs+sexy= spexy)
There is no denying that the right pair of frames can add a lot to your hotness by adding a layer or at least a perception of intelligence and depth.
So,here my lil tip to all my SPEXY women out there.
Don’t forget to wear your eye makeup when wearing glasses,the smokier the eyes the spexier you look.

Here I am sharing with you some looks with different kinds of specs.
And yes don’t ever be shy to wear your specs .Being yourself is being beautiful.So stay fab n spexy.
Hope you like this post?Do share your thoughts.
Love N hugs
Priyanka (Sunny)

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Skirt- Zara

Top- Zara

Belt- Louis Vuitton


Loafers- Zara

Aviator specs -Rayban

Cat eye specs -Chilli beans

Aviator sunglasses- Giorgio Armani


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