Fashion delights me as much as seeing a perfect sunny side up on my plate every morning. I chose this name for my blog because my favorite people in the world call me Sunny.

I live in Dubai and worked for several years in aviation, which made me travel the world. I knew Fashion stirred something in me during those years of intense travelling. When my colleagues would head to the Eiffel Tower, I would just sit around a park where I could observe the street styles in Paris. In Istanbul, when people marvelled at the Hagia Sophia, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the boots and parkas adorning the fashionable women of Turkey.

I am not a writer and i don’t care.So what does fashion mean to me?
For me, fashion is not just a passion, it is what nourishes my soul. It is how I see the world.Its a self expression .

I love how a dash of the right colour in the outfit, or a well cut jacket can completely transform our look. Fashion is a bit magical that way.And there isn’t a woman in the world, in her right mind, who can tell me that a great dress or a fab pair of heels doesn’t lift her day from the ordinary to the divine..

My blog is a  celebration of fashion, styles, cultures, and designers that inspire me everyday.
Welcome to sunny side up-where fashion makes the world go sunny.