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That feeling of dejection when you couldn’t clear your first job interview.

That moment of glory when you raced passed the finish line to win the first prize.Crying your heart out one day. Jumping with joy the next.That memory of your first tender kiss.The flight to your hometown you missed. Bored to death watching that test match all day long on TV. Excited to catch-up with old pals for a movie. Smiling all day long for no specific reason. Troubled at times with everything that’s going on. Those namesake annual hikes at workplaces that make you wanna quit your jobs, until the last working day of the month arrives and you receive your salary in your bank accounts. Let down by the one you loved. Given a hand by a stranger. Getting wasted over the weekend, after that happening night-out with friends. Ah! those Friday evening hues that only last until the Monday morning blues.


That’s life. Uncertain. But worth living. A mixed bag. A journey punctuated with good times and bad.

Bad times aren’t bad times per se. They are mere lessons. They teach you more than good times ever could, just as failures are considered the stepping stones to success. They teach you to be brave, they teach you to accept fate.

So it is alright to feel distressed, to cry, to feel hurt, be anxious at times; but only so long as to be able to pick yourself right out from that abyss into a world of joy, laughter and love.

So if this is your good time, revel in it. Savor each moment. And if you are going through a rough time. Put on your boxing gloves my friend. Say Cheese. Smile. Get ready to fight. For Joy. For Laughter. For Love

Love n Hugs



Featuring the

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Watch @ Daniel Wellington classic black St Mawes

romper @ love pray shop

shoes @ Kurt Geiger

bag @ Prada

Sunglasses @ Karen Walker

earrings @Isharya

Photographed by Chaitanya Bangera




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I didn’t think twice when Levis approached with  me for a collaboration .Every time I think about Levis ,it takes me to my school days.I am an 80s kid and there isn’t any 80s child who has not owned  a  pair of Levis denims.

The latest #levisorangetab symbolizes the style and youth during the counterculture of the  1960s.

I love love love vintage .The 60s and 70s fashion was my favorite. The old school orange tab is the ultimate score  for vintage collectors and denim heads alike. I created a look from their orange tab collection.The orange tab is the updated uniform for those who embrace a youthful,free spirit.

Hope you like this look created with the Levis Orange Tab Collection.Do share your thoughts.


Sunny xo


IMG_7949 IMG_7994 IMG_7996 IMG_8011 IMG_8049 IMG_8054 IMG_8063-2 IMG_8088-2 IMG_8112 IMG_8203 IMG_8209



jeans @Levis

t shirt @Levis

shoes @Aldo

sunglasses @ Karen Walker

Bag @Michael Kors





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So last season we all saw this new fashion trend that i am coveting- the track pant.I quite liked this athletic inspired trend inspired from the 90s.

This trend is not only uber cool but extremely comfortable and you can rock them pairing them with everything from booties to sneakers to sliders.In my opinion its a perfect off duty outfit.

I styled mine in two different ways.

I hope you like it







pants – Zara

Tshirt – Adidas Orginals

boots -Hm

belt – Moschino

Earrings – Namshi

sunglasses – Dsquared






pants – Zara

jacket- Mango

choker- Vesimi

sunglasses- Quay

shoes – Kurt Geiger


Phographed by Patrick Jason




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I think the most important trend of spring summer is embracing your femininity in your own terms.What do you guys think? So are we summer ready?


After a fairly cold winter  that teased all us Dubaians ,we are officially now ready for summer .We don’t have Spring in Dubai but talk about fashion in my city ,we are surely ahead of the game .


I see many fashionistas sporting spring looks with confidence giving people all around the world a roundup for some spring summer outfit ideas.


when Cici a popular fashion brand from London approached me ,I did my little birdy dance and was ready to pack my winter wardrobe and motivated enough to embrace Dubai Summer.

Their cold shoulder tops to bold stripes to ruffles,they surely upped my fashion game this summer .

I created three looks from their latest spring summer collection .I hope you like it.




1.cold shoulder



Top – Cici London

shoes – Zara

bag- Furla

Shorts- Zara


2.Bold Stripes




MTV_8443 MTV_8491 MTV_8437 MTV_8501 MTV_8569 MTV_8579 MTV_8609MTV_8429


top – cici London


3. Ruffle floral dress

MTV_8098 MTV_8118 MTV_8119 MTV_8152 MTV_8279 MTV_8326 MTV_8355 MTV_8398


Dress – Cici London

shoes- Kurt  Geiger

Photographed by – PATRICK  JASON


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hello my lovelies

Hope you all are enjoying the summer and the latest fashion trends of 2016

This blog post is all about trends and what’s trending this year. The list to “what’s trending” is countless, so I picked up four popular trends of 2016 which I have been loving, wearing and enjoying. Personally I am not the kind who would run to malls to try the latest trend and bring it to my wardrobe. I don’t follow fashion blindly. I don’t hop a trend’s bandwagon until it compliments my style. So let’s begin

  1. Pyjamas by the day

Woohoo what do i say about this trend. You thought pajamas are just wearing in the comfort of your home. You got it all wrong girl. You could rock a full pajama set on the streets of your town or you could pair just one piece to get a little sleepwear effect. Now  girlfriend that does not mean you step out in your frilly nighties .LOL. Wear your cozy sleepwear by adding a little fun element and sophistication to it.

146A4798-HDR 146A4799-HDR 146A4800-HDR 146A4808-HDR 146A4816-HDR 146A4824-HDR 146A4825-HDR 146A4837-HDR



bottom @TOPSHOP

shoes @BERSHKA


  1. Lace up tops / dresses &bell sleeves

The lace up tops and dresses  that I have seen are mostly fitted ones. As its summer now I opted for a lose lace up bell sleeve dress. As both bell sleeves and lace ups are the season’s hottest trends. I personally quite like the lace up tops and dresses as it adds a little sexiness to the look without too much skin show.

146A4932-HDR 146A4937-HDR 146A4938-HDR 146A4950-HDR 146A4955-HDR 146A4957-HDR


dress @H&M



3.pom pom and tassel shoes

These shoes are quite a rage these days. If you have not tried one of the two, you are missing out. They are flirty, fun and feminine at the same time and can add an oomph factor to even a plain outfit.

DSC_7544 DSC_7566 DSC_7542


overalls @TOPSHOP

shoes @BERSHKA



Every fashionista is rocking that edgy 90’s trend.Yes we talking about chokers. Layer them or wear them alone and you are sorted with your accessory. Velvet and suede chokers are most popular trend of the season. You would be surprised that all the chokers I have been wearing are self designed.



outfit @BLESSED

choker @DIY

bag @FURLA


There so many more  trends of 2016  like the overalls, cold shoulder tops, bombers,color block dresses which we have all seen both on the runway and streets .

I cant wait for the summer to be over to try the other trends  I love .

Hope you enjoy this post and do let me know your favorite trend of 2016

PS- Fashion has no rules….Be different be you …Always

Love n Hugs



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