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That feeling of dejection when you couldn’t clear your first job interview.

That moment of glory when you raced passed the finish line to win the first prize.Crying your heart out one day. Jumping with joy the next.That memory of your first tender kiss.The flight to your hometown you missed. Bored to death watching that test match all day long on TV. Excited to catch-up with old pals for a movie. Smiling all day long for no specific reason. Troubled at times with everything that’s going on. Those namesake annual hikes at workplaces that make you wanna quit your jobs, until the last working day of the month arrives and you receive your salary in your bank accounts. Let down by the one you loved. Given a hand by a stranger. Getting wasted over the weekend, after that happening night-out with friends. Ah! those Friday evening hues that only last until the Monday morning blues.


That’s life. Uncertain. But worth living. A mixed bag. A journey punctuated with good times and bad.

Bad times aren’t bad times per se. They are mere lessons. They teach you more than good times ever could, just as failures are considered the stepping stones to success. They teach you to be brave, they teach you to accept fate.

So it is alright to feel distressed, to cry, to feel hurt, be anxious at times; but only so long as to be able to pick yourself right out from that abyss into a world of joy, laughter and love.

So if this is your good time, revel in it. Savor each moment. And if you are going through a rough time. Put on your boxing gloves my friend. Say Cheese. Smile. Get ready to fight. For Joy. For Laughter. For Love

Love n Hugs



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Watch @ Daniel Wellington classic black St Mawes

romper @ love pray shop

shoes @ Kurt Geiger

bag @ Prada

Sunglasses @ Karen Walker

earrings @Isharya

Photographed by Chaitanya Bangera




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I didn’t think twice when Levis approached with  me for a collaboration .Every time I think about Levis ,it takes me to my school days.I am an 80s kid and there isn’t any 80s child who has not owned  a  pair of Levis denims.

The latest #levisorangetab symbolizes the style and youth during the counterculture of the  1960s.

I love love love vintage .The 60s and 70s fashion was my favorite. The old school orange tab is the ultimate score  for vintage collectors and denim heads alike. I created a look from their orange tab collection.The orange tab is the updated uniform for those who embrace a youthful,free spirit.

Hope you like this look created with the Levis Orange Tab Collection.Do share your thoughts.


Sunny xo


IMG_7949 IMG_7994 IMG_7996 IMG_8011 IMG_8049 IMG_8054 IMG_8063-2 IMG_8088-2 IMG_8112 IMG_8203 IMG_8209



jeans @Levis

t shirt @Levis

shoes @Aldo

sunglasses @ Karen Walker

Bag @Michael Kors





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The problem with trends is that everybody dresses the same .That is why I believe in classic and timeless looks.

My personal style is a little more conservative than other fashionistas around the globe.My wardrobe consists of a lot more neutral colors like black,grey,white,navy,beige and a few trending colors, but I do stretch my comfort zone by selecting other essentials in different colors other than just neutrals and adding my personal twist to it.

Classic style staples are versatile and can be mixed and matched to create a clean and timeless look.

So,I decided to do a blog post on a more fun ,casual and  most understated yet classic look.

I wore my favorite washed skinny jeans with a white polo t shirt and decided to wear it with my suede boots instead of heels (which is more my style) .Wore minimal accessories(by now you all know that I  always keep my accessories minimal).

I was ready to rock n roll  and conquer the world.

Hope you like this post.

What is you favorite classic look? Do share your thoughts.

Love n Hugs

Priyanka (Sunny)P2S_3010P2S_2896P2S_2913




What I’m wearing

jeans –  American Eagle Outfitters

T shirt –  Mango

boots – Bershka

handbag – Louis Vuitton

sunglasses – Custom made optical glasses

belt – Gucci

watch – Michael Kors

accessories – H&M(neck chain) / Juicy Couture (bracelet)


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Sun,Sand and shopping that’s how I describe this fun city called Dubai.
Talking about shopping how can we forget talking about the much hyped Dubai shopping festival(DSF 2016). The DSF is considered as the most exciting and most awaited shopping festivals of Dubai.It starts on the 1st Jan and continues for about a month.
The city is buzzing ,the malls are flocked with tourists and the vibe is amazing.
Innovative programs ,special events ,interesting street splays and fashion shows are some of the entertainment programs organized to attract visitors.
I attended this very innovative new pop up market at the Burj Park showcasing regional talents.I was really excited to attend this new initiative by DSF.I could see the regions best sustainable fashion and lifestyle brands.Not only that there was music there food which made my trip so much fun and enjoyable.I got a chance to meet designers and collaborate with some.Here are some  designs by different designers Dina Zaki,Baytward,Rana Zone,Beyou boutique.

IMG_9888IMG_9886IMG_9867IMG_9948IMG_9954IMG_9928IMG_9967IMG_9980IMG_9993IMG_9937 IMG_0076 IMG_0082IMG_0029 IMG_9921IMG_0055

Hope you enjoyed my post

Please do share your thoughts if you’ve ever attended the DSF

love n hugs


What I’m wearing





belt and handbag-Louis Vuitton